iArcher for the iPhone and iPod touch


This iPhone and iPod touch app allows any archer to keep track of their most important shooting data, including:

-    Round Scores

  1. -   Sight Marks

  2. -   Personal Bests

Keep track of your Round scores, while you shoot, so that you always have your scoresheet data to hand for later analysis. Choose to shoot Indoor and Outdoor Metric or Imperial rounds. Or alternatively, create your own custom rounds, for practice, or for your club. iArcher comes pre-configured with most of the recognised FITA, GNAS and NFAA target rounds. Click on the Rounds link at the top of this page to see the list of currently supported rounds.

Enter your arrow scores for each end, and iArcher automatically totals your ends, dozens, distance totals and round total, as well as telling you what classification and handicap you have achieved, and how much you need to beat your personal best. Once a round is complete, iArcher will show you some statistics, giving you an idea of your performance.

You can also record notes with your rounds, such as the event details, weather conditions, arrows used, bow setup and other miscellaneous notes. You can also flag a round as a competition shoot, and these shoots are indicated with an icon on the round list screen, so you can see how competition conditions affect your score.

iArcher supports multiple sets of Sight Marks, and records Personal Bests for different bow types, so if you’re an archer who shoots with multiple bows, or indoor and outdoor arrows, your needs are catered for.

You can save each scoresheet for loading and viewing at a later date. You can even export your scoresheets in CSV format, via e-mail.

iArcher allows you to enter your existing Personal Bests, and if you shoot a new PB, iArcher will tell you and record it, with a link to the saved scoresheet for easy viewing.

iArcher also allows you to record your Sight Marks, for Metric and Imperial distances, including notch (in/out) and sight (up/down) positions. Sight Marks are accessible directly from within the score sheet, so that you can change your sight accordingly when changing distance mid-round.



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iArcher is the ideal Toxopholist’s companion.